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How To Earn Back The Car Value Diminished With Damages}



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Being a car owner brings a feeling of pride and joy to any person. The sense of self-dependence is still accompanied by commitment towards the well-being of your car. The fact is that with time everything available in market faces a depreciation in its worth. But when a motor vehicle is involved in a road accident it is bound to face a lot more.

Imagine if you are in market to purchase a used car from a private seller. You are being presented two same cars of same model, features and working conditions. You are unable to make any difference between these two. The moment you are told that one of these cars was involved in a physical collision, your perception and mindset will be totally changed for the car wrecked once. You may not be interested at all to purchase it or you may ask the seller for a heavy discount. This is what exactly happens when your car involved in physical collision reaches market. No matter how finely the repairs have been done, it will face a diminished value throughout.

This is why you need to make a diminished value claim which is separate and different from the regular accident claims. You are yes eligible for claiming the expenses you have made for repairing your vehicle and paying the doctor fees. But there is much more you deserve, as you will never get the same value your car possessed before accident, by law you are entitled to ask for diminished value claim settlement from the party at fault (or their insurance company).

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Negotiating with insurance company representatives is no less than a battle and being prepared will help you to make right moves at right time.

1)Get your car appraised by a certified auto appraiser

after the damages have been repaired. The value assessed and documented by him should be compared with the market value of the same make and model; the appraiser’s price will be significantly less than the list price. Knowing the exact current value will help you in making DV claim.

2)Decide on the amount you think you are entitled to and draft a letter to the insurance company of the other party involved in accident requesting the compensation of difference between the actual value and the book value. Explain that you were not at fault and follow your letter with a phone call explaining the same orally.

Insurers are known to be using offensive language and it is a real pain to negotiate with them that can be taken over by DV auto appraiser

hired by you. For a fee he will be getting you your claim amount.

The best part about DV auto appraisal services is they help in getting finances needed to repair the broken vehicle. When a car undergoes an accident and suffers major damages, auto appraisers help the client claim the maximum amount and get it in easy and quick way. Contact us now and give us a chance to offer you the best experience.

The Chicago auto appraisers are a well known independent auto Appraiser Company. They offer precise and complete

DV auto appraiser

services to their clients. They are a licensed and insured company that has been doing business since 1983

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