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E Smartx Is An Ultimate Apparel Erp Solutions}

E- smartx is an ultimate apparel erp solutions



E- smartx is a fully integrated, proven, user friendly – ERP for Apparel, and Soft goods manufacturing industry. It is a product of Indus Media Technologies Pvt Ltd India. E-smartx is a modern, cost effective and proven enterprise platform that meets the needs of apparel manufacturing.

It enables integration of processes across multi offices and factory locations like

Product development,

Pre and Post Costing



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Inventory management



Finance and


E-smartx is a truly integrated product with unique and unmatched features its start from enquiry to till shipment like Enquiry, Pre costing, Sampling, Merchandising, planning, budgeting, approval, purchase, processes, Inventory/QC, Production, Post costing, Exports, and payroll.

E-smartx streamlines the total process cycle in apparel manufacturing. Its workflow system provides superior business process management capability for faster response to customer demands. Web-enabled real-time management information system gives the manufactures the capability to monitor the whole process from product development till exports across the globe.

E-smartx specializes in manufacturing, distribution and supply chain management software for the apparel industries . E-smartx can assist with increasing capacity by reducing through put time, reducing lead times, reducing costs, increasing flexibility, better control over inventory, and increasing performance, through selection and implementation of the right manufacturing or distribution strategy and ERP system for your company.

E-smartx clients in India have been improving competitiveness, reducing errors, controlling inventory costs, improving customer service and shortening delivery schedules using E-smartx .

In short , our clients have realized faster return on their investment through rapid implementation, superior reporting, charge back reduction, quicker time to market, reduced errors and improved customer service.

Many a time our existing customers including our own garment division have avoided the disastrous Airfreight situations through timely planning, sourcing and production monitoring

Taking a unique approach of integrating product development and production (ERP) into a single process, E-smartx takes two traditionally separate applications and integrates them into a single solution that is easy to implement and learn.

Using a comprehensive information management solution such as E-smartx , data generated or updated by one process is immediately and consistently available to other processes. This is a major improvement from manual solutions or from a collection of overlapping applications provided by different vendors.

Having proven track record and happy customer base in India, we have gone Global to serve the Apparel industry in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand and South Africa .

E-smartx is a product of Indus Media Technologies Pvt Ltd, a pioneer in the IT & ITES industry and a part of the Shravan Group of companies, scaling new heights in business . For more information

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E- smartx is an ultimate apparel erp solutions }

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